About us

Albonian Inspection Company

Albonian Inspection Company is specialized in offering inspection and control works, survey ,testing , measuring Medicines and the medical necessities, Grain and agriculture products, Food stuff and feed, Laboratories and educational equipment ,Petroleum products, Electric and electronic products, All types of machineries, spare parts and industrial equipment, Metal industrial equipment, factories, Furniture.

As well as Textiles, footwear, ready made garment, Ships and fishing boats, and that is according to the specification as per contract (agreement) being made between Suppliers and costumer.

Our company does issue the inspection certificates according to scientific rules and technical regulation

ALBONIAN INSPECTION COMPANY is operating from its head office in Tripoli and its branches in country and abroad.

We have qualification, facility, efficiency, and experience to carry out control works and inspection operations for most Kinds of products. we also make all required tests and lab analysis through International Approved laboratories.

We work according to the international specification of the quality management system (ISO 9001/2000).

We have made a full insurance coverage which achieves special Service and certain guarantees for the client.

Our Company always works hard in order to develop its qualification through organizing scientific courses and holding Seminars in inspection technique and internal auditing operation.